Joe Martin’s Juniorville Stump Speech (2 Min. Video)

Joe Martin speaks about mineral exploration companies and why their stock prices have fallen so low, because the reality is, not every company’s going to make it. Investors who liked quality companies at higher prices, well they should like them even more now. The demand for the commodities they are looking for is a real demand. About 60% of all worldwide exploration for new mineable ore deposits is being done by Canadians. If there’s metal needed, a Canadian company is on the ground looking for it. The world needs new discoveries and it’s the job of the Canadian juniors to find them. Listen to top experts who will tell you why you need a global perspective in your portfolio. It’s your time to take advantage of this market. Your best way to do that is to come to this conference, to see what the Canadian companies are doing globally to solve the world’s commodities shortages. Markets bottom, they go up. Don’t miss this buying opportunity of a lifetime.

The mineral exploration industry will be at the Vancouver Conference Center East, June 3rd and 4th, 2012 for the World Resource Investment Conference brought to you by Cambridge House International. In this pre-event press conference, Cambridge House chairman Joe Martin tells us why now is the investment opportunity of a lifetime. Do not miss this conference.

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